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VH-55 DM RO - Double Motorcycle Carrier with Ramp

Double Motorcycle Carrier with Ramp
Single Motorcycles Carriers




What's Included


  • Fits any class III or IV hitch
  • Powder coat finish
  • Easily stores away
  • Boxed for UPS shipping
  • Distance between the rails and the bumper adjustable.
  • Reversible Rails
  • Anti-tilt lock bracket
  • 36 in. main tube
  • Four retractable tie down bars
  • Two 6.375 in. x 71.5 in. carrier track
  • Two wheel stop
  • Two reflectors
  • Dimensions
  • Model Number: VH-55 DM RO
  • Description: Double motorcycle carrier with ramp
  • Approx. Shipping Wt.:138 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity:600 lbs.
  • Length of carrier rail:71.5 in.
  • Width of carrier rail:6.375 in.
  • Length of ramp:60 in.
  • Width of ramp:5.5 in.
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Ramp Instructions







The VH-55 DM RO carrier is designed to safely carry 600 lbs. total, but is limited to only 500 lbs per carrier rail.

Use the Minimum Ground Clearance Chart to determine the minimum ground clearance required to properly load your motorcycle or scooter onto a VH-55 or VH-55 DM carrier when using a VH-55 ramp.
Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs. 

Most Class IV hitches are rated for 1000 lbs. 

Low Hitch: The VersaHaul main tube extends out of the hitch at the same level. Hitches low to the ground will not work properly. 

Recessed Hitches will shorten the length of the carrier tube. 

For Solutions see our Risers and Extenders on the accessories page.
Your hauling weight may be limited by your vehicle's capacity to carry a load.

Click here to find the Carrying Capacity of your vehicle.

Click on the item to see a larger picture.


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